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St Hedda's RC Primary
Egton Bridge
YO21 1UX

01947 895361

Head Teacher:
Mrs Hilary Thompson

Chair of Governors:
Mr Mark Whelan

 The PPG for 2015 – 16 was: £6600

This was targeted to:

a) SEN support – to maintain the current level of TA 1:1 support and small group provision within KS1 and KS2

extra phonics support in KS1 4 times weekly

b) G&T small group support to deepen understanding in maths
maths resource materials

The impact of the grant was
Our 1:1 and small group support has been maintained within the school, both KS1 and KS2. Support has been delivered in the areas of Reading, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Writing, Spelling, Speech and Language support and Maths. This has led to 60% rise in attainment in Reading, 100% rise in Writing and 33% rise in maths despite the higher expectations of the new curriculum.


For the current financial year 2016/2017, St. Hedda’s RC School is not required to publish a Pupil Premium Strategy on our website. This is because in order to ensure that no single pupil can be identified in our data, the DfE have issued the following guidance:
“The DfE’s policy is to suppress publication of figures relating to a cohort of 5 pupils or fewer. This is intended to reduce the risk of individual pupils being identified from published data”.
This is a direct quote from the DfE’s policy for publication of small numbers.

The PPG for 16/17 will be £4593

This will be targeted to
1. Further continue to fund the 1:1 and small group intervention for pupils identified as requiring support to close the gaps, following our half termly assessments.
2. Contribute towards the costs of tablets for curriculum support and E reading books.
3. Purchase materials to support choral speaking, singing and performance including transport costs if necessary.