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St Hedda's RC Primary
Egton Bridge
YO21 1UX

01947 895361

Head Teacher/DSL/SENCO:
Mrs Hilary Thompson

Chair of Governors:
Clare Dalton


Welcome to Class 1! 


Weekly planners as well as supporting resources will be emailed every Friday afternoon with the following weeks work. These are designed to give plenty of ideas and support so please don't feel overwhelmed with the amount! If you need printed copies please let me know and I will get these sorted for you.


Please direct any questions to Miss Birch,, or email a convenient time for me to call you back. Please do not ring school as I am now working from home. I am more than happy to offer extra support/advice/resources.

RE in Class 1 

Theme for the week

God has chosen us to be special and wants us to dream our dreams

John ch 14 v 27-31

Jesus said to his friends, “I give you peace and the kind of peace I give you is a special peace that nobody else can give. Do not be worried or afraid. This is my gift to you.


Think about the things you share with your special friends, Jesus is a special friend to us, because we are special friends we share things and do things for each other. Jesus tells us of the special gift of peace that he gives us and how we shouldn’t worry about things that aren’t important as this will make us unhappy. We need to remember that Jesus will make us happy.


Write the word Peace in the middle of a piece of paper in bubble writing and then colour it.


Draw at least 4 pictures of times when you felt happy, peaceful or safe (eg having a cuddle with mum or dad, being curled up in bed, sitting in front of the fire) Write the word happy, peaceful or safe under each picture in your best handwriting

Year 1 and Year 2

Write the words happy, peaceful, quiet, loved and safe around the word you have drawn (peace) and then under each word think of a time when you felt like this eg when I was reading with mum or dad and write that in a sentence. Year 2 add an explanation to each sentence – I felt like this because……


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Year 1/2 resources:

 Click to see how loud and proud we are!Click to see how loud and proud we are!

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